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MS - ONE | Cordless LED Lamp | Made for Nail License Professionals



This product is made for Nail Care Professionals to cure Gel Polish. It is currently sold at professional retail stores across the US. The vision for the design is to implement infared UV wavelengths streaks with the machine. It is important to show customers that the product features all of the latest technologies and is very advanced.


There are many different brands of professional LED lamps in this industry. The challange is to find a way to make this lamp stand out to be as competitive as the other brands. Customers always look for the latest technology when making their choices. Finding the best way to feature the bells and whistles for this product is the biggest challenge.



Producing a design that resembles futuristic product will help tackle the challenges of making it stand out.  Pushing the features of the product is also a main goal. Letting customers know that MS-One is the latest in cutting edge technology will help them make the purchase and refer others to do as well. Highlighting the best features of the lamp through every side of the box will make it easier to see on store shelves. Lastly, hyping the customer with a message when they open the box is also a great way to encourage excitement of opening a new product.


Final Product

After the design process, the production took a little over 3 months to produce. Then shortly after, it finally hit shelves and nail professionals love it!

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