Secret Bikes and Sauce!

It’s week 4 you guys! Been busy working all week on things like ads and business. I’m currently working on a Spa Chair ad that is rolling out sometime in the coming weeks. I usually like to print with SmartLevels in california. They have great deals from time to time. However, recently they just raised up their prices on a lot of the products that I order from them. I usually order from a different company now. Kinda keeping it a secret ya know, haha. Unless your a professional like me then I will share.

I have not mentioned this before but I worked on a site called BikeHead. It was a great concept that my business partners and I came up with. It’s a great biking site that we want bike enthusiasts to use and enjoy. Anyone can check it out and start biking, heres the link:

While my stay here in Orlando Florida has been a great experience, I found a great printing place called Mammas Sauce, they do a lot of screen printing and classic printing press. Love their different styles of paper and ink. I always find great inspirations from the stuff they have at their innovative print shop. You can check out their stuff here, they do a lot of custom work starting at $99:

I’m probably going to get new bcards sometime soon. It’s been a while since I got something fresh with my own branding on it. I’m working on a new site too so hopefully it will be the same theme throughout.

Sweet Lovin Tacos & Games

Hi everyone, quick update again this week for another one of my work wrap ups. This week I finished up ‘The Mexican Taco’ Retreat Video, check it out with the link below.

Another thing I worked on this week is an ad for Sunny Beauty Supplies and LeChat Show at a Angel’s Beauty Supply store. You can also find the work below. Artwork from for Sweet Love collection is all by LeChat, done by Christina Kleppe.

UPDATE: Had to take down Sweet Love ad.


Made a lot of different changes and additions to the Brewmash website too. Check out for updates.

It’s that time of year again, just like last year, it is tax season. Need to file some taxes and get them submitted for Financial Aid. Had to renew my domains too this past week., and, I wanted to do something with the poor asian websites but never really got a chance to get around to it. Been busy working on projects here and there. I don’t play games as much as I used to anymore, I used to play games at least 15-20 hours a week. Now my Xbox is just sitting in the living room with old people watching netflix and youtube all day. I would like to put it inside my room with my new tv, but I don’t want to be rude. I’m thinking about getting them the apple tv. That way I don’t have to waste a precious machine. I’m very excited however, about the PS4 announcements this week. It was some pretty awesome geeky stuff. Been waiting for something like this since last year. Other than that, check out next weeks blog as I post up more work.

Insane Loss With Cash Money

This has been a very crazy week for me. My business lost a lot of money at work. The money drop bag was placed in the car and somehow it disappeared hours later. Not gonna say how much we lost. But just to throw it out there, we could have used that money to buy at least 2 cars. When we found out we lost the money, we stayed at our store till 3am trying to figure out where it went. Looking at the camera, we can see that my cousin brought it out the car. But we can’t see the car because it is off camera. My cousin said it could have dropped at the UPS location when he dropped off a package. But we asked the manager. He has not seen any bag. We reported the loss to the police already but we don’t think we will find it anytime soon.

Anyway, got some new updates this week on some of the things I’m working on. There was a video my colleague shot over 6 months ago but never got around to it till recently. Finished about 90% of it. You can see the screen cap below.


I’m also working on a beauty ad this week based on Cuccio’s new detoXsoak ad in the local Vietnamese magazine. You can check out the ad below.


Don’t know if you have been living under a rock or not but for this past week people have been crazy about the Harlem Shake videos on YouTube. I think the most disturbing one would be the fat guy doing the Harlem Shake.

Harlem shake

This weeks progress on Brewmash is still in the works. We need to get some features into website, such as Facebook’s like and twitter’s tweet button. Plus I need to get some new posts in to make sure the website is working properly. For more statuses on Brewmash check out

New Projects & Silverlinings

Hello, everyone. This is a new blog that i’m putting together. It has been a while since I fixed up a new batch of designs for my site. This time I am starting out fresh with a default theme. But there will be some new improvements along the way. While I’m working on the new stuff, I got some to show you what I have been up to.

BrewMash – New Beer Blog

Sunny Beauty Supplies Logo